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Hello To All And My First Question


Hello to all,

My name is Mark and I have just joined. I live in Oxfordshire and have a particular passion for the Battle of The Somme.

I am currently researching a family member. An uncle of my Grandmothers who saw service in the first world war.This brings me to my first question and I was wondering if any of you guys out there will be able to help me out a little.

He was Corporal George Hale M2/139218 ASC Before he enlisted he was a head coachman at a large country house in a place called Box close to Bath in wiltshire.

I unfortunately have very limited information on his army service,but what little I have I will reiterate here.He was one of the fortunate ones who made it through the war and came back.

Firstly his papers were burnt in the blitz but I do have his M.I.D. card. I know he was a driver in mechanised transport due to the prefix M in front of his army number. I also know that the 2 after it denotes that he was one of Kitcheners New Army Volunteers.

I would love to know where he was during the war in France,what unit he was with and what he was driving. I have asked numerous questions on The Long Long Trail,but no body has been able to throw any more light on my research. Having seen the thread on here about another driver on this forum I thought I would join and see if any of you guys can help me out a bit.

I hope you don't mind a long rambling first post from me and I look forward to being a part of the forum and to try and help any of you guys in the future.

Thanks in advance for any help

Regards Mark/Mametz
Hi, not sure if I can help exactly but I was in the same position as you when I was trying to research my gf's role in WW1, he signed up in Sept or Oct of 1914. All I knew at this time was that he served with the King's Royal Rifles.

I have his ID card or some sort of card anyway and on it, it states his Corps (KRRC). Further down the card it has been stamped with THEATRE OF WAR and (1) France with the qualifying date of 16.11.15. From this information I have been able to find out the exact battalion he served in plus the division they were attached to.

I have also been able to purchase the Division's and Battalion's war diaries from the National Archives website. I am currently transcribing the KRRC's diary which is very interesting reading.

Good luck, hope you eventually have much success.
Hello pejay and mich,

Sorry I have been a while in responding to your posts. Thankyou for your help and links. Since my last post I have been following various avenues of research and although haven't come up with anything really mager connected with the soldier I am reasearching I have managed to find on a medal roll another soldier who served in the A.S.C. as did my soldier.

The number and name of the other soldier is Private Albert Edward Doubtfire

M2/139210. In 1920 he was 37 and was married to Alison Maud Mary.

My soldiers number is M2/139218 which is so close to the other soldiers that I have found,got me thinking that they might have served together.This may be a long shot but I was wondering if there were any service/pension records on Albert Edward Doubtfire which might link both soldiers together. I have also posted on the WW1 forum to see if anyone there comes up with anything too.

Thankyou for any information in advance Mark.