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Hello to you all FHUK members & visitors

Thornbury.South Gloucestershire
Hello to you all FHUK members and Visitors. Wifes at work so I have done some washing ,drying. cleaned the windows,Painted oil on some of the wooden furniture in the garden , checked the wife's seedlings in the Greenhouse. rang my mum , and been up to do some shopping. Now its my time. I must try and stay focused and finish this introduction. I am Melvyn Green. 62 from St Margaret. Leicester. England. now living in Thornbury,Bristol. Like most of you I have been bitten by the Family History bug.trying to trace our ancestors and others associated, without spending the earth and valuable time.Having spent the last two years doing just that ,I am hucked and brock. I wish I had started at school. I have accumulated a lot of info on Truslove's ,Green' and Dyers from mainly Warkshire,Staffordshire & Leicestershire. I would love to share this with anyone like minded. right now back to the gardening. Best wishes ,keep searching and stay focused.;) regards Melv


Loyal Member
Hi and welcome to the wonderful and sometimes frustrating world of ancestral research.
We at F.H.U.K wish you every success in your quest to find your ancestral past and our members will help you wherever they can in your search.
To help us to help you, please post your questions; with as much relevant information that you do have in your possession, on the relevant forums and that will assist our members to be able to help you find those answers you are looking for.
Again welcome and we hope you enjoy our numerous forums.
Best regards Sterico .


Valued Member
Hi Melvyn

Welcome to family History UK. Good luck with your research. May all your discoveries be good ones :2fun: :biggrin:

Our Greens come from North Wales so far.:)

Gwen :)

Carol Collins

Active member
Hi Melv.welcome
My husband has a few Dyers on his tree although as far as he knows, not from your area. His rellies are from Gloucestershire moving to Chelsea. In case it's of interest here are a few of them:-
Joseph Dyer born cerca 1767 married Honor;
son William Dyer born 1797 married Sarah Newth 1827;
g/son John Obed Dyer born 1829 married Elizabeth Chamberlain 1850.
I have more details of these and more Dyers if these fit into your tree.

All the best Carol

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