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Hello to you all.


New member
I started researching my family history about 30 years ago, well before the computer assistance available now. It was (and still is) very difficult but very rewarding. I have had periods that I didn't do any because of work etc. I am still not very good, I joined Ancestry so I find that helpful. I am teaching myself so I am making progress but made the mistake of trying to do too many separate trees at the same time, I am researching 5 lines. Probably a very bad idea for someone without much knowledge. I am enjoying it though, every success is so exciting but I get stuck and have trouble moving forward with some of the names. It is so easy to end up making a mistake and going off track and ruin the whole tree. I hope with a forum such as this, like-minded people, I will find it helpful and maybe in turn there is a remote possibility that I might be able to add something helpful to the forum.