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Leamington, Ontario
I am new to forums and will take a while to figure out how to navigate around. Looks as though there will be a lot of interesting ideas tossed around. I started researching my family about six years ago. When I get frustrated, I let it go for a bit and then when I'm feeling optimistic, I pick it up and delve along some branches that have stumped me previously.
Looking forward to getting some much needed help in certain areas.
Welcome to the F.H.U.K research forums,
We hope you have success in your research and please do not hesitate in asking us for help, all you need to do is select the appropriate forum, and post your question/s, with as much relevant information that you have in your possession, then our members will endeavour to find, or at least point you in the right direction of those answers.
You will find all our members helpful and very friendly and only to willing to help.
Best regards Sterico
Hi Katiemay

A warm welcome to FHUK forums.

I began researching my family tree nearly 6 years ago after years of ever growing interest.