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Hi all

I started my family tree about 6-7years ago but due to life getting in the way I stopped and have just decided since winter is well on its way, the nights are drawing in that I want to have another go at it and see if I can progress back any further.

Re-starting my tree is kinda tinged with sadness as when I started it my nan and wealth of knowledge was still with us however now she too features in my records with birth, marriage and death certs :(

However my great uncle (nan's brother) has been asking me for ages to see what I have so tonight I will show him their side of the tree...... although what I originally had done has found a problem and Im having to re-adjust as I write. Im taking some deep breathes and hope that what I tell him wont be too much of a shock as I ahve uncovered skelatons :biggrin:

So this is my first venture back into my tree and with my files full of stuff I didnt organise too well back then and some gaps which hopefully with the help of new resources now available I'm looking forward to getting well and truly stuck in.

Thank youall for your welcome.

I had a great evening with my g uncle on Monday which gave me new information to progress further back with the branches Im working on now. It was so sad to hear of him tell me what happened the day his mum (my g gran) walked into the river. My nan always told me she died of cancer but since her death I have been able to find out the truth and my g uncle spoke very openly what happened that day. Now she would have been diagnosed perhaps as bipolar or manic depressed but back then help wasnt readily available :(