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hello everyone. my name is angela and i live in cardiff. this is the first time i have ever joined a forum and so not quite sure how to go about things. im researching the names stated but naturally there are more names. also my lot seem to be all over the uk. i find a new name and find there from somewhere else.:) hope to post more soon when im a bit more confident:rolleyes:
Hi Angela,

welcome to the FHUK community forum :)

Looks like you beat me to it! just replied to your PM and suggested you post an introduction here - well done :)

Have a wander about, if there are any questions or help required, look for the relevant forum and post them there please. there are some great members on here willing to help - free of charge!
If you are stuck on something specific to the forum, please post in the new Forum Help (just put up!)

hope to post more soon when im a bit more confident
Sure you will get there Angela and look forward to seeing you.

All the best,
Hi angela from 1 newbie to another Welcome to the family! theres nothing to worry about using this forum, if an old duffer and technophobe like me can use it then you will have no problem:2fun: you will have good times all the time. Each time I come on the forum I find a new button to press and see what happens! all the gang are very helpful and friendly
again welcome;)
hello. thank you for your welcome. i am excited to be part of the forum, ive lots of questions. not only am i new to the forum im also fairly new to computers. ive taught myself, so really dont know too much. hopefully ill be able to get some help with a lot of my queries, at the moment i feel as if im banging my head against a brick wall:2fun: thank you again for tour welcome