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Milton Keynes
Hi My name is Teresa

I had been looking for a forum for Geneaology for a long time and had decided to test settitng one up, but it was just a thread forum not a proper one like this. I was going to call it Family History so i searched for Family History and spotted this, just what i wanted.

I have hit a brick wall wit my GGGGGG Grandfathers father George i am not 100% sure where he was born or when , who he married and who his parents were.

Its annoying because i had been following the wrong route of Georges and had gone back til the very early 1600's and had linked many names to that tree, in effect when this person who said i would hate him for pointing it out, i had to start again, just wish it hadn't taken someone nearly 3 years to point it out.

I have been lucky in that i haven't had to spend out too much on certificates (especially on the Emsley side) and i haven't spent too much in travelling to research so most of it was off the net.

The stupid thing is that all these relatives i have deleted i will probably end up putting back on because somewhere along the line they will be related. At least i have backups.

Anyway hop i am going to gind this site useful

The names in my profile that i am research are

Dads Side:

Emsley (W Yorks), Roberts (Lincs), Reynolds (Norfolk), Cowgill( W Yorks) Wilkinson (Yorks), Wriggles (Yorks), Whiteley (W Yorks)

Mums Side:

McGill(Ireland & W Yorks), Johnson (W Yorks), O'Gara,(Ireland & W Yorks) Padgett (WYorks), Boocock (W Yorks)

McGills are proving very hard my cousin has spent loads of money on it and she was going to give me info she had found out, but so far hasn't.
The McGills come from Cavan or Sligo in Ireland
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