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Wilmington, North Carolina
United States
I am Using "laxdoc" because I have used it on a number of history sites and if someone knows me from those sites will be able to keep me straight. I am retired and I guide and do research at to houses in Wilmington, NC, USA. They are 150 - 160 years old(young by British terms). Was station in England nine years, Glos. and Yorkshire. Wife English. So looking for family info and info on the family that build the old houses.
Hello laxdoc,
welcome to the FHUK forums, we hope you have continued success with your research and if we can assist you in any way do not hesitate to ask :) .
All you need to do is post your questions, with as much relevant information as you do have in your possession, on the appropriate forum/s, and our friendly and helpful members will do their best to find the answers that you require.
We hope you enjoy the FHUK forum/s and again welcome to our family helpusall Best regards StericoO0