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United States
I'm a new member, and looking forward to finding my ancestors. I was born in Kent, England, one of identical twins. My twin sister emigrated to South Africa in 1956, and I emigrated to Canada the same year. (Both moves the result of marriage). I now live in USA in Colorado. We spent ten years in a Children's Home in South Woodford, Essex after being in a foster home. Only recently beginning to find relatives. Would love any help at all!
Thank you!
Hi Margo,

I'm new myself, but welcome from me. I think that the institutions such as the one your twin and you were in would have records accessible and you could find put the process, by contacting the county web-site. They would probably need proof of ID, as the records are too recent for public access, but I do know people who have accessed similar records and found out quite a good deal of information.

Good luck!

Hi Margo

Welcome to the forums. You will find this a lovely place. I have several twins in my family but none who were identical yet. My mum was a twin and my great gran had two twin siblings.

Hi and welcome to the fhuk forums

We all wish you good success in your research, and if we can assist you in any way , just post on the appropriate forums and our members will help wherever they can
Best regards StericoO0