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Help! Conflicting Information

Hi All,
Can anyone help me with this little problem, which I can"t seem to fathom out for Love nor Money:eek: In the 1851 Census my GGGran as listed as living in Bold St. Prescot Lancs. Name:Mary Donnelly Age:36 Born 1815 Birth Parish: Rochdale, Birth County: Lancaster.
In the 1861Census she has re-married, is living in Old Hall St. Bolton. Name:Mary Bromwell(I have seen it spelt Brawel Brannan, hubbys name is Lancelot) but Mary is Age: 37 Born: 1824 Birth Parish Hollingworth Rochdale: Bith County: Lancashire.
I know that these 2 Marys are the same person, because of the children, Catherine,Mary and Michael, my problem is how can I find out her Real year and date of Birth so as to help me go back 1 further generation:confused: E.g. finding out who her Parents were.
Any help with this little conundrum would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Littlemo
Having read your message many times ,if they were mine I would try the following.
Have you got her 2nd marriage certificate? That should help you see what her previous surname is and her parents.
If not can you get it?
Failing that I would think the easiest way is to visit the Lancashire Record Office and look at the records and see if you can sort it out that way.
Do you belong to either A.....y or the Gen.......ist ? That way you can look up the 2nd marriage cert. and send off to the GRO for it.
Other than that I can't help you very much
havin the same problem myself ,got relly on 1 census saying born in one place and by the next they have been born somewhere else,drives ya nuts especially for searching for other rellys.i just always cross ref with as many diffrent sources as i can pain in the butt but if it get ya the right answer.bonus.happy hunting sue
Hi there, many people lied about their age, esp if their spouse happened to be younger, sometimes they did not even know exactly how old they were and made a guess. Do you know her maiden name? it may indeed be a good idea to get her 2nd marriage cert it will certainly help, Parish records will also help, could boundaries have been changed? sometimes people were not sure about where they were born and often put down a place they remembered as children.
I've got a family who seem to pluck out birthdates out of the air every census that they were in. They were canal boatpeople and I reckon it was because they were illiterate and innumerate so they just left the ennumerator to guess.
Hi Littlemo
Even I have given the wrong information to the Registrar. I admit it was before I became interested in Family History,and thought that my father was born in Caernarfon instead of a little village outside the area.
We can all make mistakes.
Hi All,
Many thanks for your suggestions and help. It is a relief to know it"s not just me being :confused: I will certainly take up your suggestion of cross references Sue:) From the Free Lancashire BMD Site I have now found out that her maiden name was Welsh, and she was born in Rochdale. So now it"s just a case of finding out how old she really was! Although I think I have definately found her death date and age again on Free BMD Site and according to that she died in 1862 age 41 in Farnworth Bolton, so that would make her Birth Year about 1821. I am finally beginning to cotton on to the fact that quite a lot of Census Info, is contradictory:eek: and it"s not just me going loopy:eek: Thanks again Guys
Regards Littlemo