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Help decipher plz


Loch Lomond Dunbartonshire
Entry number 3, I think reads Mather Alexander for upwards of 24 years ... can't understand the rest!!

Hello Aloson,

1843 Feb 3 Mather, Alexander for upwards of 24 years sexton here bud. Age 69

The occupation below looks like Grocer making the last letter of sexton hard to read because of the G.

The line above looks like ...bud. both in one grave. Other places on the page has what looks like bu and a raised d.


I think you've got it Dave. Except I thought the last word was an occupation ie Serv.

A sexton is a church, congregation or synagogue officer charged with the maintenance of its buildings and/or the surrounding graveyard, ringing the bells or digging graves.

have you noticed how many children died of Measels.......
Possibly duties could include grave digging:

A sexton is a church, congregation or synagogue officer charged with the maintenance of its buildings and/or the surrounding graveyard. In smaller places of worship, this office is often combined with that of verger.
Hello dave,

Look above where it says '... both in one Grave'

Look down the page to Feb 8 and the word at the end before age 3 'child ...'

The line below the 9th the last word before age 1 'child ...'

If it's not bud. then what is it?

Ok, I know one thing from reading the notes on the OPR deaths and that is the date can either be the date of death or burial or the date of hire of the mort cloth. You can't tell from the index entry which it is and sometimes the actual record will say which of the three it is.
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I dont see were it say's both in 1 grave is that wat bud means and is he burried with The Turnbull child? just asking because I have a Cathering Turnbull in one of the census records listed with Alexanders daughter Ann as her unmarried sister so not sure were she fits in!!

Have another record needing deciphered please of daughter Ann's death, trying to decipher fathers occupation?

Hello Alison,

The 'both in one Grave' has nothing to do with Alexander. I was just mentioning lines on the page where the same word/ abbreviation appears. I took it to be bud. as an abbreviation for buried but it may not be. I'm not sure but it appears on the page after the word child so it's not an occupation.

Alexander Mather Wood Sawyer Deceased
Grace Mather MS (= Maiden surname) Butterford Deceased


Hi Alison,
I am pretty sure this is Rutherford not Butterford (The B in Baker for her occupation is nothing like the R in Rutherford) and the abbreviation for buried is usually a bu with the r up high for some reason so think this is what you were seeing earlier. No Butterfords in the Borders but heaps of Rutherfords. Especially as the informant was a Rutherford too.