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Help finding parents Date of Birth


Really hope someone can help me. I am trying to find the Date of Birth of my parents who died whom i have never had contact with being told they had died at my birth. the only information I have is:
Father: Brian Eric Dearlove
Mother: Pearl Margaret Duncan Woflenden ( Maiden Name)
Married 25th July 1958 in Provan Glasgow

I also have a sister who was called Heather Dearlove born on 1959 3rd March

Sorry i dont have much infomation Please could someone help
I have limited access to Scotlands people

I believe the link should contain info indexed by me. This is the marriage. If you buy some credits you would be able to see the record and download it.
Heather's birth is there as well, 1959 in Provan.
As far as births for Brian, I cannot find one in Scotland. There is this one in England

Brian E Dearlove Apr-May-Jun 1937 Reading ref 2c 540, mother Wheeler

edit - Mothers name recorded as Wolfenden, not Woflenden

Thank you for your reply I can see the marriage dates of my father and yes the Brian Eric you found from reading will be my father. I bought credits but still cannot find my mothers Date of Birth any suggestions would be grateful as to how to get this and also how would i find my fathers knowing he was not born in Scotland
Thank you for your reply I did buy the credits and i am sure that Brian Eric you mentioned is my father although cant seem to find his exact D of B. as for my mother cant seem to find her at all. Any other help would be appreciated
If you are sure, the Brian born in Reading is your father, to find his exact date you would need to get the birth cert. You know the quarter he was born in and the district and ref no you will need. This is the web site to order a cert,

Have you got the marriage cert from Scotlands people? This should at least give you both their ages and Pearl's maiden name. You could then check the birth I have given you, and if her maiden name is Duncan and the date tallies, you could get the birth details on Scotlands people.