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help - George Barnet Burns


New Zealand

I Am hoping to be able to get some info on the following person.

George Barnet Burns. I have a death for him last qrt of 1860 in East Stonehouse, Devon. It does not give an age. He may have had a wife, Ann Stewart.

I don't know which record to look for him which would give me more info ie marriage or birth. There is a possibility he may have been a whaler. I have other info on a possible son named Barnet Burns who was also a whaler who came for a while to New Zealand but returned to England after supposedly marrying twice and leaving behind three children. I am also considering that the George above may be one in the same with the one who came to NZ being the George but not using the first name. Any help or advice really much appreciated as in the past.:confused::confused:

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According to the GRO site this is his death

George Barnet Burns Dec 1860 East Stonehouse 5b 199 aged 53.

This gives him a birth year of 1807.

The death cert will also give other information such as occupation and the name of the person registering the death can also help. However the info given is only as good as the knowledge/memory of the person giving it.

Thank you Peter for your reply especially the Wikipedia write-up. So was I correct in thinking that George Barnet Burns who died in 1860 was the one written about in Wikipedia and didn't use his first name of George and that his parents were George Burns and his mother was Anne Stewart. I think in the 1881 census I found a Ann Burns aged 35 being born in Armagh Ireland and her mother was Mary Shavlin also there was a Barnet Burns aged 16 born in Plymouth Devon England. Apparently both were daughter and son of Mary Shavil who was a widow. There were five boarders also living in the house. Would this Ann Burns have been mother to the 16 year old Barnet Burns that says he was born in 1865 in Plymouth, Devon. This Barnet Burns cant have been the one in Wikipedia.:confused:

Thank you also to Emeltee for your reply to my question