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Help I'm hitting a brick wall

My family names are Cooke and Wootton,Wilson,Moseley,Cronan and Frejek (Polish)

At the moment I'm having great difficulty in finding my Great Grandad x 2 Oswald Wilson's death certificate. Oswald was born in 1887 in Lincoln and married to Mary Cronan in Chesterfield they had six children. I don't know if he died young in the first world war but I can't find him at all.

My second person I can't find on the death certificate is Emily Deering born in Yorkshire in either 1896 or 1897 married to a Richard Arthur Cooke in huddersfield in 1915, I was told she died young by the family but for some reason I think she divorced Richard Cooke and remarried I know she must of stopped in huddersfield because my great grandad came to chesterfield around 1930 with out Emily but I don't know where to look for her death or divorce records because I think I've checked everything?

If anyone can help that would be great as I'm fed up hitting a brickwall.

Cheers Marie

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