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Help! I'm New


I'm new - I joined about ten minutes ago because I have hit a brick wall as far as finding out any more information on a family member goes. Can someone help?

The person I am looking for is called Moss Levin born around 1770 in Richmond (according to 1841 census) also known as Marcus Moses Levin. I know nothing about where he came from or truly where he was born. The earliest document I can find is when he married at 18 to a Catholic girl. I believe he was Jewish.

Is there somewhere obvious that I'm not looking, I've tried Jewishgen and nothing comes up with unless its about 100 years later. I've tried BMD, Family Search.org. I'm registered with Ancestry and i've looked on Findmypast.



welcome to the forum
I think you have probably got that it appears he married three times
1 - Dorothy Cubly, 10-9-1787 Holborn
2 - Mary Wilson, 1796 St Lukes, Chelsea
3 - Ann Larkin, 1821 Wandesworth
He was responsible for a sudden rise in the population of Britain ;)
He died 1842 Richmond

Yes, to be honest I've spent hours looking and just can't seem to get anything.

I know that he invested all his money into a Mercantile House in India and it went bust and he lost everything but I've not found any actual documents to support it other than a transcribes version of his petioion for out relief from the workhouse and their response.