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Help! I'm wandering in circles!

New Brunswick
First, let me say that I have been delighted with the level of help and friendship on this site. I have received some prompt responses to questions and some great suggestions and look forward to being able to return the favor at some point. My problem though, is in navigating this site! I find it very confusing and hard to get around which could be because I am new here but I do have a few questions.
1) How do I find my posts? (I know where I posted them but, after leaving the site and coming back in, it seems virtually impossible to find the titles I am looking for such as "WW2", "English Roots", "Military" or other titles).
2) How do I know if someone has answered a post? (So far I have discovered any replies by accident. Is there no button for "My Threads" or "Threads I'm fFollowing"?)
I don't mean to be critical of the site because I have been favorably impressed overall so far. Perhaps it is just because I am Canadiam :2fun: but I sure could use a road map here!:rolleyes:

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