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Help interpreting overseas death record!

Elk Grove, California
Of course. Thank you. Death is 1979 - (cousin of my mother in-law who committed suicide in Italy).

I began to construct my husband's tree having completed my own and almost immediately became stuck just one generation back when I couldn't find a death record for him. His name was Peter Allen born in 1942 Wokingham Berkshire.

Mother's maiden name Salisbury.

Unfortunately this was a family who didn't talk about things and now everyone has passed on and there is no-one to ask. My husband says he remembers it happened about 1980 and this is as close as I have come.

There was water involved in his death (could have been the sea) - maybe this is the reason for the word? Or maybe I have just got the wrong record....

There were so many deaths on the index that stated 'shipping' that I started to wonder if it meant something else... (like maybe 'in transit'?)...

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