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Help my idea for 60th Birthday present failing due to a missing Illingworth 1816!


New member
St Brelade
Good morning everybody. I am hoping that perhaps somebody would be able to help or steer me in the right direction.
I am researching my friends family tree for his 60th Birthday present. It has been going ok (I can't do my own I was adopted and nobody in the tree knew about me or wanted to know about me), sorry back to the subject in hand.
I have gone back on his father's side Illingworth and found great uncles, aunts, cousins you name it,,, apart from William Illingworth 1816. Who is the great, great grandfather of my friend.
I have his death certificate 10/11/1873 and the age on the cert would mean 1816.
Some time ago I thought I had found an entry as follows:
William Illingworth and Nancy Fearnley married 1897 and had William 1816. But when I found this I can remember thinking Oh that's the wrong date but they had baptised him some time ( a few years) after his birth.
Well can I find this again = I can not. I am beginning to think I imagined it but I had updated my tree to the above and I don't do that until I am sure.
It would also appear that though there is a marriage bann for Nanny Fearnley & Wm Illingworth, I can't find a birth for her, I am beginning to wonder if Nanny and Nancy might be getting muddled.
Can anybody think of anything else I can try?
I am beyond pulling my hair out and so I thought I would see if any of your members would have any suggestions.
Thanks for reading and looking forward to receiving any replies.
Kind regards

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