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Help needed to decipher


I need some help with this please.

The first column is titled "calling" and im unable to read his occupation.
Also the next column is titled "Native place and country" I can make out Wiltshire but not the word before it. Can someone help please?
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Thank you Lee. Got that from a passenger list thinking i had it made and then couldnt read the jolly thing:rolleyes:

Maybe might be able to pick him up on a census and see what his place of birth is on that. Off to the census forum now i am :biggrin:
Gibbo.....i reckon the occupation is an Excavator..the third letter looks like a d but that is coming down from the word above and it is a c...could be a posh word for a labouring digging trenches etc...not sure on your dates but an excavator today would use a JCB or big digger to move land.

Or a slight chance an excavator could be someone digging up old relics etc...similar to an archeoligist.
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Thanks again Lee. That seems better than what i was thinking it looked like. It looked like executioner to me :2fun::2fun: I need glasses tho :rolleyes:
And his surname was Axford :biggrin: Did you get that? AXford as in axe you chop with:rolleyes: :biggrin:

:rolleyes::rolleyes:....i get it,there is a place called Axe and another called Axeminster.....all named after the River Axe in Devon.

Maybe they called the River the Axe because it is prone to getting choppy:eek:

Edit....oh and i reckon its Tytherington not Witherington.
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English: habitational name from a place in Wiltshire called Witherington, from Old English wīðign ‘willow copse’ (which is not recorded independently) + tūn ‘settlement’, although the spellings with -r- only appear in the 17th century.

Excavator ;) Does not say JCB operator :2fun: