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help needed tracing census entry for 1911 - possible notorious murder victim


I have found my family census for 1911 and its got some interesting people on there who match up with what I have managed to find out from family etc however there is one person that really does interest me yet some help from experts is needed to ensure I have found the correct person.

I am trying to find out as much information as I can about a Amy Aubrey who lived in Birmingham in 1911 with John & Alice Aubrey who were down as her grandparents, there were also 3 other females listed including Edith, Florence (my great grandmother) and Lucy. it would be good to know which of Edith and Florence was Amys mother first to establish her relationship with me.

I believe that Amy Aubrey was actually Doris Amy Aubrey who married an Arthur Minton , these and a few others will actually murdered by Billy Hughes in the Pottery Cottage Murders who were fairly well covered by the media in the 1970's..

Obviously before I start try to make connections etc I would need a little help linking the names etc, I have found that an Arthur Minton married Doris Amy Aubrey around June 1931 in Birmingham.

Would this be the same Amy Aubrey that ones the Census for 1911 and if so would it be normal drop a name for the Census etc?

any help on this out would be greatly appreciated.

Hi I think buying certificates is the only way forward,however,,,there is no birth index for an Amy Aubrey in the correct year and place,,but there is a Doris Amy Aubrey registered in Solihull in 1909,which is the correct place and timeframe. To assertain who the mother of Doris Amy/Amy is,i would start by ordering the Doris Amy birth cert.:)
there are no other Doris Amy Aubreys b 1909 in the 1911 census,,and no deaths in the index,,this would support the theory that the Amy Aubrey you found in 1911 is in fact Doris Amy...it is not uncommon for middle names to be used in censuses,,i have seen it many times.

Name:AUBREY, Doris Amy
Registration district:Solihull
Year of registration:1909
Quarter of registration:Jul-Aug-Sep
Volume no:6D
Page no:631

Thanks GB. :)

This would fit as the right reg:

Births Sep 1909
Aubrey Doris Amy Solihull 6d 631

It's not uncommon for the names in the census to be the names used by the family. Perhaps they called her Amy.

I can't see a baptism record yet in my searches so I can't answer your question as to who her mother is.


Doris Amy Mintons death reference also supports the theory ..as her birth is given as July 1909,,which ties in with Doris Amy Aubreys birth reference

..but as i said,,i think you need to order Doris birth cert first,,,and then possibly her marriage cert,,to see if the info given re her parentage tallies.
I am shocked at this story.

Must say i have never heard of this case.....for a crime so shocking i wonder if the police in the early years tried to keep it under wraps as it seems they made some bad blunders in this sad tale.

I hope you get some info Scott.
Yes Lee there were some bad blunders. I sent Scott some newspaper articles and it states in them several times about how things were handled. There was a inquiry about this. A sad story indeed, no one deeded to die:(