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Help needed with family coat of arms

Some time ago someone said to me that the shape of the shield in the CoA of my family, was an English shape. Before that, I always thought it was German or Polish. According to him my family name 'Hobbel' could well be a degeneration of 'Hobelar'. Especially because of the simple shape of the family crest, he thought it to be an old crest. Is there anybody here that can confirm any of this?
The picture of the FC isn't the most clear one. It's a family grave stone inside a church here in The Netherlands. I am a direct descendant of the man burried there.


There is a separate forum 'Coats of Arms & Heraldry', you may get more attention there, please indicate if you would like your query moved there.

This is the board, HERE.


Hi Rob. Thread moved for reason given above.
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My family is Hall but we have long had an additional family name Domett, descended indirectly we are told from Admiral Sir William Domett. I am seeking a copy of his seal. Any help or guidance much appreciated.