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Help on next step

My grandfather returned to England in the 1950's after his marriage failed, I am trying to find out any information I can on him especially if he had more children. my grandfather Paul Reuben Marsom born in wymondham, Norfolk 1917 and dying in Hunstanton, Norfolk 1989.
I have Paul's death certificate which states the informant was his widow June Pamela Marsom, obviously he remarried at some stage. My question is what would be the best way to follow on from here to find out if he had more children.
I have searched ancestory.com but cant find info on june Pamela , I am assuming it would be almost impossible to find information with out having dates.
Hi Arien,

I've assumed that if you have found his death then you have looked throught the full bmd records for a marriage! did they marry?.

June Pamela was alive in 1989 so assume she is on the electoral register.
Paul may have left a will? There could have been an orbituary for him!

Probate services.


Norfolk County Council Local Studies. These places can be very helpful. The site lists what records are availble.

Thankyou both for your help on probate and kings lynn but living in Australia am I able to get acsess to all the information just from the internet?
You can email the Norfolk Local Studies, just click on the contact us and then click on the email link.

For the probate serive click on contact us.

For Familia scroll down to Principal libraries and family history resouces, theres and email address.
What is the best site to use to search BMD records . I have been searching find my past.com . I find it very frustrating that I put the name Marsom in a marriage search , it comes up with many search results but each page that I look on from the results doesn't even list a Marsom . Am I doing something wrong or is this normal?

I dont think Marsom is a very common name, so probaly thats why they are few and far between. So it will be a tedious job going through the bmds.
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Hi Julie, thanks. I have emailed the sites you suggested and joined a couple of local Norfolk area forums . Hopefully something will come of that , so I guess its back to the frustrating BMD record searches.:-\