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Help! One surname has me climbing the walls!

Maidenhead Berkshire
And that delightful name is Poulsum. Do you know how many spellings and varients of Poulsum there are? Too many! :mad:

I have an ancestor on my tree (bare in mind the information I have could be incorrect as my grandfather couldn't remember much) called Annie Woodbridge Poulsum. Or at least according to her marriage index in 1879 that's what her name was. I know her middle name to be correct as there seems to be a trandition of given the Annes and Annies the middle name Woodbridge. How ever I can find no trace of an Annie Woodbride Poulsum on any census with that spelling of the surname.

I have found Polsom, Poulsom, Polsum, Polson, Poulson, Polsen, Poulsen, Polsem and Poulsem. I even tried Paulson.

The information I have for Annie as that she was born abt 1860 in Monmouthshire Wales. She married Richard Hannan (1957 Kirk Michael Isle of Man) in 1879 in Kensington and later had three children. John James Hannah 1880 Kensington, Mary Ann Hannah 1882 Stepney London - 1891 Kensington and Richard Hannah 1888 Kensington - 1964 Kensington.

I can find no record of an Annie Poulsum before 1879. :eek:

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