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Help please

Chippenham, Wiltshire
I can't access the site from my home pc -I keep getting a message saying I have no right to access the site. It's a newish pc so am sure it's not that causing the problem. Something similar happened some while ago on a craft forum I'm a member of. A message to the admin eventually sorted it out and they unblocked the problem - perhaps this is something similar? I have logged in today as am at my son's house but can't stay on the site as am supposed to be socialising for my DIL's birthday. Hope someone can help and I can access it from home very soon. Thank you for any help you can give.
It's not your PC. I was getting that problem. I found I could start new threads or take part in any thread I had started but suddenly I was back in for everything. Have you contacted the moderators ?
Not sure how to contact the mods and as I'm at my son's and supposed to celebrating a birthday I can't stay on here for too long. I'm hoping someone will see the thread and be able to help. I can't get on to the site at all at home but am glad to know it's not my pc.
Hi Pinkbaglady,

Great name by the way! :)

I am guessing it could be 1 of 2 things:

1) We have had some problems of late, which we had to take the site down - everybody (even me ) was banned - No right to access the site!
Ok on your sons (some hours/days later) the site is accessible - So is most members / guests as the site was back online.

2) Your home computer internet explorer needs looking at. Can you access other sites?

Please when you return home, check that you have access now - if not let us know (through your sons PC) that it is not accessible at home, and we will try to help!

P/s Hope you are having a great Birthday party! :)

All the very best to you,

I had the same problem for a few days. Then I could access, but not post. Now I can do both again. I'm sure your dilemma has been noted.
All the best.