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Help to date these photos please..


New member
can anyone help me to date these photos?
They have come out of a locket that belonged to my mothers recently deceased cousin. If we can get a date, it would make it easier to work out who they are.
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The 2 girls on the left might be sisters?? Just a guess of course. Both girls have identical neck lines on their clothing, same beads around their neck and ribbons are also coloured the same. Maybe the photos were sisters taken on the same day, mum, dad and the girls. Is there any markings on the back of the photos to identify who took the photos such as a photographers name or given they are only small photos even a part name.
Thank you for your reply’s. Yes that’s what I’m hoping.. that they are two sisters and mum n dad. I’m also hoping they date to around 1890-1893. That would mean it’s likely to be my great great grandparents with my great great aunts. Exciting ?
The blue/colour added In the Girls pics was something They did from about 1860 right up to ww2. The beads and broaches on the clothes are seen in pics from Victorian to Georgian era.
There is nothing written to date the photos. The locket is the size of you thumb, the pictures the size of your thumbnail. The locket is very old, I think it has A&C engraved next to the hallmark.
That’s it. No other clues.