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Help to find a Sergeant Brazier, Fort Purbrook, Portsmouth

Western Australia
I am trying to uncover the identity of my great grandfather. My grandfather Wilfred Wiseman was born in 1918 at the Salvation Army Mother's Hospital in Clapton, London. I have ordered his birth record from the GRO. The father section was blank. I emailed Barts archives and this is the information I received: No.: 5217 Name: Winifred Wiseman Age: 25 Calling: Munitions Date of admission: 03/03/1918 Home received from: Cotland Address of nearest relative or friend: 4 [Lower?] Brookfield Road, KingsLow, Ports Religion: C of E Date of birth: 04/03/1918 Time: 1pm ***: Male Date registered: 18/03/1918 Name: Wilfred John Date notified: 05/03/1918 Nurse present: [Gladuin?] L. [Smith?] Date discharged: 19/03/1918. I also emailed the Salvation Army and was sent the extract from the Women's Social Work Secretary's Interview book and the alleged father is listed as Sergt.Brazier. Fort Purbrook, Portsmouth. As no first name was listed the search to find the correct Sergeant Brazier has been difficult. I have looked through many UK and Australian Army records but I could not find any Sergt. Brazier posted at Fort Purbrook. I have also had myself, my mother dna tested and my uncle Ydna tested and still can't solve my great grandfather mystery. Any research tips would be greatly appreciated.