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Help tracing Thomas B Kilner, Hudderfield -1881 census


I'm hoping someone can help me trace Thomas Bamforth Kilner b 1855 ( or 1856) in Hudderfield. I was able to find him on 1861, 1871, and 1881 census at one point but have no idea where I found that info( in my excitement of actually finding him I neglected to bookmark that reference) I have since found a reference to him on Ancestry.com that confirms his marriage to Mary Elizabeth Thwaite and his death in Canada, but no dates and I can't proceed any further without paying to join the site.

I have read through a number of threads on this forum that discuss the Kilner name and wonder if my Thomas is connected to Thomas and Harriet Kilner of Carr House- none of their descendants seem to line up with my info but the Ancestry.com references is linked to the Carss family tree which seems too close to be coincidental.

Any help with specific info on Thomas or general info on how to find and use census data and any other resources would be greatly appreciated!

Heather Kilner
Could this be him in 1881

RG11/4460/F17 or 18/p28
4 William Street, Horton, Yorks Wr
Joseph Webster 74 Head Agent Leeds
Sarah Webster 63 wife Wrenthorpe
Joseph R Webster 22 son Clerk Bradford
William Kilner 34 Boarder Hosier Huddersfield
Thomas B Kilner 25 Boarder Hosier Huddersfield

But according to my records he would have been married at this point and had a son born 1873 so maybe it's not him. I'm not sure when he came to Canada either.
Hi Heather,

1911 Canadian Census

Province Ontario
District Toronto North

348 College Avenue

Thomas B Kilner age 56 born England occ (cant make it out)
Mary E wife age 55 born England

Immigration year 1884

Death date 20 Nov 1917

Thomas Bamfont (as per image) Kilner age 62 occ bookeeper
Born England
Death location York
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Thomas didnt marry Mary until 1881

Marriage index

Year 1881

Thomas Bamforth Kilner
Jul/Aug/Sept 1/4
District Huddersfield

Vol 9a
Page 447

One of the brides listed is Mary Elizabeth Thwaite

I would say that the Thomas that Emeltee found in 1871 is yours. :)

Civil parish Cudworth
RD Barnsley
Sub RD Darton

Anne R Kilner head age 42 widow born Cudworth
Edward son age 11 born Huddersfield
Mary E dau age 8 born Huddersfield
Walter H son age 7 born Huddersfield
Thomas B son age 5 born Huddersfield
Elizh Robinson servant

Class RG9
Piece 3442
Folio 5
Page 6


Civil parish Barking
RD Romford
Sub RD Ilford
County Essex

Anne R Kilner head age 52 widow occ interest in invested money born Roystone
William son age 24 occ warehouseman/draper born Huddersfield
Mary E dau age 18 occ govcerness born Huddersfield
Walter H son age 17 occ drapers cashier born Huddersfield
Thomas B son age 15 occ drapers clerk born Huddersfield
Elizabeth Robinson servant

Class RG10
Piece 1648
Folio 25
Page 7
Canadian Passenger list

Date of arrival 6 Jul 1884
Vessel Circassian
Port of arrival Quebec
Port of departure Liverpool England/Londonderry Ireland

Mr T B Kilner occ/callling gent
Mrs Kilner lady
Wow Julie- you are amazing! Thank you!

Can you find a record of their son William? I have William' marriage to Mable Finn April 29 1907 in Brussels ON that lists his age as 34 (which is why I have his birthdate as 1873) The surname shows up as Kilmer in the Huron county maariage records of 1907.
1911 Canadian Census

A possibilty his yob is abt 1882

Province Ontario
District Toronto North

64 Borden

William Kilner (transcribed as Kelner) head age 29 born England occ electrician
Mabel wife age 30 born Ontario
Bessie dau age 1 born Ontario
That sounds about right - they had a daughter Bessie, a son Frederick Stanley b 1911 (my grandfather) and a daughter Marjorie.

Can I ask how you are able to find all these references? I've been digging through online Ontario archives and coming up empty.
Thanks Julie! Seeing how quickly you came up with answers makes it the cost seem much more reasonable!

Would it be appropriate to ask you to check out the reference that I can't access? It came up when I searched for Elizabeth Thwaite and seems to match up with all that I know but is connected to the Carss family tree somehow and that has me very curious.
Thanks Emeltee!

I think the Bradford one is more likely, but I'm not sure how to use that info. I need a crash course in genealogy research tools beyond google ;)
Hi Heather,

There is a birth registration for a Mary Elizabeth Thwaite in 1854, district
Huddersfield. You can check this out on the freebmd site.


This looks like the Mary Elizabeth Thwaite born 1854


Civil parish Huddersfield
RD Huddersfield
Sub RD Huddersfield

Back Lane

William Thwaite head age 51 occ farmer born Huddersfield
Jane wife age 49 born Huddersfield
Alfred son age 23 occ cloth finisher born Huddersfield
Sarah Ann dau age 20 occ dress maker born Huddersfield
Thomas son age 17 (cant make out occupation) born Huddersfield
Ann dau age 13 born Huddersfield
Martha Ann dau age 10 born Huddersfield
Mary Elizabeth dau age 6 born Huddersfield

Class RG9
Piece 3268
Folio 101
Page 25

Heather what you need to do is to get Thomas and Marys marriage certificate which will have the fathers name and occupation and then go for the birth certificate.
Thanks again for all your help Julie and emeltee!

I'm poking around in the freebmd site right now and I made a couple phone calls to family members to get some more accurate birth and marriage dates where possible. I hadn't expected to get this far this quickly and now my desk is covered with bits of paper with a bunch of notes scribbled on them that I best sort out now before I forget what I wrote.

What do you find is the best way to keep track of your data- do you use genealogy charts and if so do you suggest a particular template or site?