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Help tracing Thomas B Kilner, Hudderfield -1881 census

Hello calliek,

Thank you very much for posting those.

The address West Parade is different from the address for Thomas Sr in 1851 census which was Northgate. I can't see West Parade on a map. Pity we can't find Thomas Jr and Anne R in 1851 and see if their address then was 30 Trinity Street.

I'm still waiting for a reply from a researcher in Huddersfield.


I posted on a Huddersfield site message board and got this reply :D

My colleague and I have found the following information for you.
Thomas Kilner b 3/3/1783.
Father George Kilner bap 25/04/1746 son of John Dalton , married Mary Hirst by licence 09/04/1769 Kirkheaton.
Mary Hirst b 05/07/1751 at Deighton father James. Huddersfield St Peters.
Marriages by licences can be ordered from Borthwick Institute,York University.
Form can be downloaded.

So one question answered and a whole new one to work on - why the heck is George a Kilner and not a Dalton?

I checked out the site and this is the form I located


I have no idea what type of copy I need to order...
Hello calliek,

Thanks for the info. Very interesting. Two possible explanations. One it just means Dalton is a middle name. Or the the father is John DALTON but unmarried mother was a KILNER. A bit of a puzzle. :rolleyes:

As far as the type of copy goes the prices are 5, 13 & 16 Pounds. I never used that service so I don't know how good the cheapest option would be. It would depend on the quality of the microfilm which depends on the condition of the register. If the register is faded the film will be poor and the copy not so good. I'd say no advantage with colour over greyscale so then it's a question of pot luck with the cheapest option.


Hello calliek,

This is the final reply from my email which I find very strange.

We hold the following records of banns for Kirkheaton and Huddersfield.

Kirkheaton St John
1818 - 1834
1957 - 1964
1982 - 1998

Huddersfield St Peter
1895 - 1910
1964 - 1975

Huddersfield Library Local Studies
Princess Alexandra Walk

Marriages by banns in 1998 ?


Hello calliek,

From IGI a baptism date not a birth date:

100. MARY HIRST - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Christening: 05 JUL 1751 St Peter, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

BUT and it's a big BUT and that would make her 18.

Looking in IGI for 'Mary HIRST' 1751 and +/- 5 years and not even allowing for possible variation HURST etc.. and Huddersfield and nearby there are LOTS not just the one #100 I listed above. I don't see how that particular one can be called the right one.

If the marriage gives her age in 1769 then we have more to go on.


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Hey Dave,
Re bans- You could still get married by posting bans here in Canada in the 80's ( I know because I did!) so I don't see why you couldn't in 90's in England

Maybe I will follow up with the poster from the Huddersfield site to see if they can expand on the info. I will definitely send for the marriage cert when I meet with my aunt next week.

Even more exciting news- my aunt has offered to cover my trip so the two of us might be coming to England this spring and we'll definitely be going to Huddersfield in that case!
Hello calliek,

Well, that would be great to be able to visit the various places and the various archives, libraries, etc...

You are right about banns. What it means is that huge parts of both registers no longer exist. Pity. Having a place of abode is one of the few ways you can distinguish one person from another when the name is rather common as 'Mary HIRST' certainly is.

I'll go through the IGI entries and make a list of the LDS film #s. Sometime if you could view the films it would be good to get any information such as abode or names of witnesses that is in the register but not on the IGI web site.


I guess eventually I have to make a trip to the LDS family centre here in Toronto- I'm currently compiling a list of LDS film #s for the various records I'm looking for.
Hello calliek,

I've just started making a list:

Title Parish registers the Huddersfield, 1606-1801
Authors Church of England. Parish Church of Huddersfield (Yorkshire)

Note Location Film
Marriages, 1754-1801. FHL BRITISH Film 262536
Christenings, burials, 1606-1792; Marriages, 1724-1756. FHL BRITISH Film 262537

Mary HIRST Christening: 05 JUL 1751 St Peter, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England - Father = James Mother = ?
Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type: Printout Call No.: Type:
C018503 1746 - 1779 0262537 Film 6909897 Film


Film or fiche number

Film/fiche search results
Bishop's transcripts for Kirkheaton, 1600-1836 Church of England. Parish Church of Kirkheaton (Yorkshire)

George KILNER Christening: 25 APR 1746 Kirkheaton, Yorkshire, England father = John Mother = ?

Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type:
C012723 1724 - 1767 0990704 Film

Hello calliek,

The first of 5 children:

George KILNER Christening: 28 FEB 1772 St Peter, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England Father = George

Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type: Printout Call No.: Type:
C018503 1746 - 1779 0262537 Film 6909897 Film

The last of 5 children

Thos. KILNER Christening: 03 MAR 1783 St Peter, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England father = GEO.

Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type: Printout Call No.: Type:
C018504 1780 - 1792 0262537 Film 6909897 Film

I'll leave the rest to you but if you have any queries just ask.



New information has just come to light thanks to gibbo. :)

The Brisbane Courier - Thursday 14 September 1865 - page 2


The subjoined is the correspondence respecting the above-named gentleman, and which was ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed:-

Brisbane, 5th September, 1865.

Sir, - I have great pleasure in forwarding for your perusal the enclosed document from M. Moorhouse, Esquire, respecting Mr. Kilner's antecedents. Mr. Moorhouse was lately a member of the Legislative Assembly of South Australia, and formerly the protector of the aborigines in that colony. He is at present a large squatter there.
I am, &c,

The Honorable R. G. W. Herbert,
Colonial Secretary.
Adelaide, South Australia,
20th June, 1865.

This is to certify that Mr. Henry Kilner, of Ipswich, Queensland, was articled to me as a surgeon. Ho came out with mo to South Australia in the ship Sir Charles Forbes, in 1839, as my apprentice ; and as ho expressed a wish to renounce the medical profession, and become a general colonist, I cancelled his indentures.

He certainly is not a convict, and never was convicted to my knowledge of any crime, either in England or any of the colonies.
Matthew Moorhouse, J.P.

Mary Ruth is Henry's older sister:

S.A. Pre-civil registration marriages
4th January 1842 Holy Trinity Adelaide
Groom/Bride Residence Fathers Status
MOOREHOUSE Thomas Native Location Adelaide B
KILNER Mary Ruth Adelaide: late Carr (Thomas KILNER) S

MOORHOUSE Jane, Dr Matthew (siblings) arrived 1839-06-07 on Sir Charles Forbes from Liverpool [Source:7,10,21,26,28]

KILNER Mary Ruth arrived by 1841-12-31 [Source:7(M MOORHOUSE),26]

MOORHOUSE Matthew (1st arr 1839 Sir Chas Forbes), Mary Ruth n KILNER (1st arr by 1841) arrived 1849-04-08 on Sir Charles Forbes from London [Source:6,7,26]

So it looks as though Matthew arrived first followed by ruth. They married. Matthew returned to England and then arrived back in SA in 1849.


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