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Help Wanted - Please

Hi to everyone

I have for the past few years been trying to trace Samuel Bird, my grandfather, whom I never knew and have not even seen a photograph of. My family would not talk about him and as I now have grown up children of my own, I attempted to find him. I have traced him to the Manchester area and know when he was born (1890) and died (1962) etc. I know he had three children with my grandmother between 1920 and 1925, but he also had six other children as well. This may have been the reason he separated from my grandmother. He had two sets of twins with a Mary Carter (1924 and 1929), he then married again (bigamously) an Edith Ellen nee Byrne in 1934 and they had two children a boy born 1935 and girl in 1940 who died aged 3 days old. They boy Edwin Bird imigrated to Australia sometime after I believe 1960.

Talk about skeletons in the cupboard - anyway, I have been unable to trace any of my grandfather's other chilldren that in theory could still be alive, but more importantly, their children in the hope of learning more about my grandfather.

I think I've waffled on enough, but if anyone has any idea's or indeed can help with my quest of learning about my grandfather, all would be appreciated.


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Hi again Birdy and no you didn't waffle :)
I found the twins births in Free BMD in 1924, 2 boys Prestwich rego
and a boy and girl Manchester S rego in 1929 maiden name Carter.
Couldn't find anything for Edwin Bird in Anx Au, have made a note to look in NAA tomoz.
Please can you give us your grandmother's name?
Hi again

Thanks for your kind replies. My grandmother's name was Annie Elizabeth Bird, nee Burman, born 22/11/1895 died February 1988. She lived with who I grew up thinking he was my grandfather, John Henry Woolhouse, known as "Jack" and she took his surname Woolhouse which is on her gravestone. I have not found that they ever married, presumably because she was still married to Samuel Bird, as no divorce could be found.

I have sent off for the birth certificates for the twins born in 1924 Alfred and Sydney Bird. I have also found a marriage between a Sydney Bird and a Pauline Smith in 1952 and have sent for the marriage certificate. I also found a birth for a Denise Bird in 1958 and an Adrian Bird in 1960, both these with a mother's maiden name of Smith. I have sent off for these birth certificates as well. I have only just found these twins, so thought I should establish they are actually my grandfathers children.

I have previously searched extensively for the other two twins Robert and Muriel Bird born 1929 and do have their birth certificates. I traced Robert but unfortunately he died in 2006, his wife died before that date, but from his wife's sister, Muriel attended his funeral, but she didn't keep in touch, so was alive in 2006. She recalls Muriel did marry and have two boys and her husband was known as Bill, so presumably was a William, who had also died. Unfortunately she cannot remember Muriel's married name. Needless to say, I haven't been able to find any trace of Muriel.

Do you think I'm taking the right course here or wasting my time- any thoughts how I might find Muriel, with not knowing her married name, or should I wait for these further certificates to arrive and see what they show? Again your comments and advice would be appreciated?




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near Boston Lincolnshire
You are not wasting your time! I suggest if any of the certificates look promising look for them on "missing" or "searching for" web sites there are several. also look for them via Genes Reunited and facebook. Its worth going on a fishing trip to find them. Also check emigration to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA as the commonest places to go

Good luck with a very interesting family to trace
Leeds, born Hull
I can only find one Muriel Bird who married about 1949 to a William..

Muriel E to William G Ryman - Dec qtr 1946 Croydon ref 5g 79

there are two children born to parents Ryman and Bird

Anthony C - Mar qtr 1951 Croydon 5g 151
Valerie J - Jun qtr 1953 Croydon 5g 1
I think you may have these, but I'm not sure of them

Samuel married Annie - j/s qtr 1920 Ashton, Manchester

chldren to Bird and Burman
Frederick dec qtr 1919 Mile End London
Harry J.N Dec qtr 1920 Lincoln

these marriages are in Manchester
Alfred to Florence M Porteous j/m 1940
Muriel to Joseph Kelly o/d 1952 10e 302
Robert to Maureen M Gaffney o/d 1964 10e 727
Sydney to Pauline Smith o/d 1952 10e 689
Edwin to Lucy Oldham j/s 1952 10e 606

Have you found Samuel 1890 on 1911 census?

Samuel married Edith Ellen Bryne o/d 1934 Mcr 8d 1175

If you have a name of a living relative and you wish to find their address have you tried checking www.192.com

Just found Annie Elizabeth could have been born in Metheringham, Lincoln, so the two births I found may not be so far out.
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