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Help Wanted - Please

Hi to everyone

I have for the past few years been trying to trace Samuel Bird, my grandfather, whom I never knew and have not even seen a photograph of. My family would not talk about him and as I now have grown up children of my own, I attempted to find him. I have traced him to the Manchester area and know when he was born (1890) and died (1962) etc. I know he had three children with my grandmother between 1920 and 1925, but he also had six other children as well. This may have been the reason he separated from my grandmother. He had two sets of twins with a Mary Carter (1924 and 1929), he then married again (bigamously) an Edith Ellen nee Byrne in 1934 and they had two children a boy born 1935 and girl in 1940 who died aged 3 days old. They boy Edwin Bird imigrated to Australia sometime after I believe 1960.

Talk about skeletons in the cupboard - anyway, I have been unable to trace any of my grandfather's other chilldren that in theory could still be alive, but more importantly, their children in the hope of learning more about my grandfather.

I think I've waffled on enough, but if anyone has any idea's or indeed can help with my quest of learning about my grandfather, all would be appreciated.

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