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Help wanted to find info on Lee Bradley

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Can anyone help with maybe looking up census to gain family info on Lee Morris Bradley. Details I have are as follows:

Born 3rd April 1907 (could be 1908 ) In November 1936 he lived at 12 West-A-Street, Bellville, IL.

Next address I have found is around 1942 and was, 712 5th Street, Charleston, IL.

I have his social security application and enlisted record for the Army and it shows he was married, presumably to Lois nee Parsons.

His death certificate from California shows his address as being 126 Kittoe, Mountain View, CA 94043 Died 10th December 1980

It also shows his wife as being Lois (formerly Lois Parsons)

As I do not have international look ups I am now stuck. If anyone could help in anyway I would be very grateful.

I am trying to find any children of the marriage and / or relatives. Thanks
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Flora Ward 3, Clay, Illinois

William Bradley head age 26 occ labourer
Hallie wife age 20
Fewel (as transribed the original is hard to decipher) dau age 5
Venata dau age 4
Lee son age 2

All born Illinois


Harter, Clay, Illinois

William H Bradley age 36
Hattie B wife age 30
Vansdi (Venata) dau age 14
Le Morris son age 12
David A son age 9
Edith S dau age 7
William J son age 4 10/12mths
Anna J dau age 1 11/12mths

I was unable to look at the original image so the above is the transcription. An alternative name of Bradly has been added, no alternative has been added for Hattie so is she a Hattie or Halllie?
Looks like the family in 1930

Clay City, Clay, Illinois

William Bradley head age 46
Hattie wife age 40
David son age 19
Billie son age 15
Anna Jane dau age 12
Mary dau age 9
Jerry son age 7
Bobbie son age 2 10/12mths
Myrtle dau age 1 9/12mths
Hi Julie, many, many thanks for all the look up information you have provided, it is very interesting and I really appreciate the trouble you have taken.

I am going to be very cheeky and ask if you could do one more look up, it is for the address 712 5th Street S, Charleston, IL

I know Lee Bradley lived there around the 1940 era as this is the address on his army papers. What I am very keen to learn is if he had any children and their details.

Many thanks once again, Jean
Hi Julie, thanks for all your help on this. I did find obituary list for the area of Mountain View, CA and this lists quite a number of family names, also ofund list for Lois, Lee's wife. Which had some of the same names.

Lee's father was William Hugh Bradley and his mother Hattie, so what you have sent previously worked out fine.

Cannot understand why there is no record at the Fifth Street, Charleston address as Lee lived there a number of years with his wife (I presume) unless he was in the army at the time of the census.

Guess I will have to pay up and register somewhere to gain more info - can you recommend any site that has good access to census and other records.

Thanks again for your help. Jean
Hi Sarah, just to say thank you so much for the info you sent to me. JOB DONE!!!!! The address you gave me was correct and I have made contact with the family. Thanks again. Jean
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