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Help with adoption surname please

Some years ago I let my child go to adoption.. I know his name was changed, I know roughly the area he went too..
Since he became adult my daughter and I have checked around social media etc around his birthday should he be trying to contact his birth family.
There was never any sign of him looking for us, I was always fine with that and hoped it was because he was having a really good life.
This year when I put his name into Ancestry it came back with his birth record which I expected but also a record of his (?) death.
What I'm really confused about is that the Death is in his birth name not his adopted name..(He had a distinctive birth name so I
feel it definately is my son, it is definately his DOB)..
Can anyone help me understand how his Death would be registered in his birth name not his adopted name.. He was 24 when he died.
Thank you very much to anyone who can help me.
P.s.. I have sent for the Death certificate which is taking an age to get here.

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