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Help with Divorce date please,


I am looking for the date of my late fathers divorce from his first wife, He was Herbert Thomas Bustin,1913 - 1990 She was Phyllis Ellen Middleton 1912 - 2004, The divorce took place approx. 1956 - 1959 in Buckinghamshire UK, I have tried An.......Y but cant find a listing on there, Thank you
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Is there an on line resource that has divorce information please, I know that the divorce took place for him to marry my mother in 1959, Thank you
Hi Gwen, I've never come across an online site for Divorce. Usually later divorce records may well be held by the court records office. I don't really know.

However, I have been found a newspaper clipping for a situation as to why the divorce happened. But this was in the late 1800's.


ps. Long time no see.;)
Hi Steve,

Thank you, Trying to work out how long it was from when my dad divorced his first wife to when he married my mum.

How is life in the emerald isle? I have been slowly getting back on my tree as well as trying to pass my driving test and caring for Graham who is having health issues.

all the best.