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Help with finding a marriage

nr Leeds
Hi everyone
I'm trying to find a marriage between my Great Granddad and his wife. The reason is I'm told he died in WW1 and I'm trying to find some clues as where and when etc, but I thought I'd better get some brackground first.

His name is Walter Sykes born beginning of 1877 in Ravensthorpe, West Yorkshire. His wife was Elizabeth A Cass born 10/06/1877 also of Ravensthorpe.
I've looked on BMD but no look. Anywhere else I could look would be of great help.

I hope this is enough to go off.

Many thanks Andy
Hi Andy,

Marriage 1901 - Jul/Aug/Sept 1/4 - district Dewsbury

Brides Listed
Elizabeth Ann Cass
Emily Johnson

Grooms listed - Fred Johnson, Walter Sykes
Thank you Juliejtp

So am I right in assuming that 1/4 is the period? Where was this found as I looked on the BMD? or was it on A.......y?

Thank you again
Hi Andy,

This was on A------, they take their info from the freebmd site. The bmd are broken down in to 4 1/4's.


Its a habit I put 1/4, think I should stop doing this. :)
Thank you Juliejtp.

Your help has been appreciated and helpful in filling some gaps that have been missing for a relative of mine.

thank you again

Hi Andy
Could this be your man

Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1919 - soldier details

Name: Walter SYKES Memorial Scroll

Regiment, Corps etc.: Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)
Battalion etc.: 2/5th Battalion.
Formed at Huddersfield Oct. 1914. Subsequent record same as 2/4th Bn. until Jan. 1918. 30.1.18 absorbed by 1/5th Bn.

Last name: Sykes
First name(s): Walter
Initials: W
Birthplace: Upper Hopton, Yorks
Enlisted: Dewsbury
Residence: Upper Hopton

Number: 241919
Date died: 3 May 1917
How died: Killed in action
Theatre of war: France & Flanders

Andy, you can find out from CWG (Commonwealth War graves) where he is buried - the details you give will produce the list of all those killed with that name during the war. A very handy way of tracing those lost in both world wars.