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ive just joined this sight but am unsure as what to do now as this is all very new to me, i know i have some halfbrothers and half sisters but i never knew my dad, the only information i know is that he was called phillip shaun johnston who married my mum, dawn ager. i dont know when they got married or divorced and i dont know his date of birth although im sure hes in his late 50s early 60s by now. i feel like its pointless trying to find any other relatives whith the little info i have but if you could help in any way i would really appreciate it. Thanks..........lost cause
Welcome to the F.H.U.K research forums,
We hope you have success in your research and please do not hesitate in asking us for help, all you need to do is select the appropriate forum, and post your question/s, with as much relevant information that you have in your possession, then our members will endeavour to find, or at least point you in the right direction of those answers.
You will find all our members helpful and very friendly and only to willing to help.
Best regards Sterico .
Hi Rebecca, and welcome

We may be able to help, if you browse the different site forums, and see which is appropriate for your queries.
Give as much info as you have, and we will do our best for you.

Hi Rebecca
welcome to this mad house.!
It certainly feels like it somehow. I tried a 10 search for both parents and then realised that I was going on Agar instead of Ager. My arm and shoulder are now aching so I will give it a rest. Can you ask your mum when she was born, or is she deceased. ? She must also know if alive when her husband was born or when they got married. It would give us some clues !!

I have found some details of your half brothers and parents.
As they may still be alive I think the best way to let you have the details is if you make another post, (just a reply to this will do). Shortly after this your user name will turn green, then we can converse by private message