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Hi pnj.robinson20,

The best way and place to start is with what you know. What do your elders, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles have to say about your family ancestry? Then, start to collect birth, marriage and death certificates to find information on names and ancestors within these documents. Next, go to websites such as the UK's freeBMD website and see if your ancestors come up in the searches, as well as the familysearch.org website. This is a good start to find enough to begin a tree.

I started with with my parents and grandparents. Then I went to the State of Hawai'i Department of Health to obtain birth, marriage and death certificates. My mother's birth certificate had her parents, then I located my grandmother's birth certificate, which had her parents, my great grandparents, then I researched sites that showed who my great great grandparents were. From there, I spoke to elders who told me who my great, great, great grandparents were. I also did a lot of research via the internet, and contacted the UK GRO and BMD through their website. I requested and paid for birth, death and/or marriage certificates of my British ancestors via the mail. Then I searched on Canadian sites, primarily in British Columbia. Some of my ancestry is already done by other people also descended from the same people, of long, long ago.

Another method, that surprisingly does work for some ancestors, is simply "googling" the names of your ancestors and see what comes up. You might be surprised to see who else out there shares the same ancestors as you.

Also, always be a bit wary, if not skeptical of what information you obtain via the internet, if it is not from thoroughly researched and published sources or from say the UKGRO or BMD sites, vital statisitics, census and registries that are authentic. I have found much of my long ago English ancestry on the familysearch.org site, and much of it is valid, however I know some of it is not. So I have corrected those inaccuracies. Also, there are various genealogical publishing and book research sites, via the internet, that actually have books published on ancestry. I have a few books of some of my ancestors.

I hope this helps! Good luck and happy digging for you genealogical past and ancestral trees.

Sincerely yours, Keanani
Hiya Keanani , Thanks for reply, im not haveing problems with searching FT, ive been searching that for about 2yrs now. Its the forum and its use that im haveing trouble with!!! Ive not been on one of these progs before, and i cant find out how to use it, You might not even get this reply!!!!! If you recieve this let me know, if you dont, I'll know i got it ALL WRONG!!!!!!!
Thanks, pnj.robinson20
Hi pnj.robinson20

welcome to the forums.

You have already mastered the big part of the site which is posting a message. :biggrin:
The forums link has a huge range of subjects for you to peruse & add to or create another subject.
Wanted names would be a good place to search for possible members with similar names & for you to add your own wanted names.
You can upgrade your details in User CP & post the names you are searching there as well. They will apear on all your posts.
Mainly just play with the site till you get used to navigating your way around & don't hesitate to ask if your not sure of something.:D

Cheers Peta
Hi Pee wee,Thanks for being in touch. HOW DO I SEE WHAT OTHERS ARE TALKING ABOUT?????
I need instrutions where to start. If you havent been on one of these sites before, like me, there is nothing to tell you what to do, AT ALL!!!!! Im sure its not just me, (im 52) and dont know what to do on these new things.!!!.Please HELP!!!! How do i put my rellies on to find help, other than my first try. I dont even know how that got there either!!!!!
HELP!!!! pnj.robinson. THANKS
Hi pnj.robinson20,

ok lets start at the begining. :biggrin: When you bring up the FHUK home page click on the Community Forum, that takes you to the Forum Home Page. You can click on any of the titles to read what others have said or add a new thread of your own.
If you scroll down to Genealogy Help & click "Help for Names & Surnames"you can post a new thread & ask for specific names etc. Keep it simple don't ask for all your names at once.
"Census Lookups" is another good place to ask for assistance if you don't subscribe for your own lookups. If you have a specific branch you need to find post a query giving names, dates & places.
In the General Forums you can go into General Chat & talk about whatever you want within reason. "Lets have fun" is a thread that has been going for a while where we just talk of general things in life etc ;)
If you want to read all the new postings click "New Posts" in the blue bar at the top & you can read all the threads posted since your last visit.
You already know how to answer a post.
F.A.Q is a good place to find things out as well.
You can search "Wanted Names" just click the link above in the grey bar. You can search for people who might be searching for your names as well & you can post your own wanted names. You select the country, then the area, then the first letter of the surname. You can also type in a specific surname & only that surname will appear.

I hope this helps a little or have I just confused you more? :2fun: