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Henry Arber 1911

Any info from the 1911 on Henry Norman Arber is most welcome. Family Search gives a few details:
Henry Arber.
Born, Stoke Newington.
16 St Albans Place, Upper Street, Islington. (Not sure where I got the address from)
Age, 34yr.
Born, 1887.
Occupation, Carman.

I am looking for other occupants at his address. Especially his son, Henry Norman Arber (same name) Born, 1899.

Thanks for any help.

Jane Arber age 34 born Kennington
Henry son age 11 born London
Beatrice dau age 10 born London
Gladys dau age 7 born London
Violet dau age 5 born Highbury
Olive dau age 2 born London
Enid dau age 2 born London

Henrys birth year is 1877.

16 St Albans Place, Upper Street, Islington

Henry Arber Head Married 34 Carman (Gen. Carrier) Stoke Newington
Jane Arber Wife Married 34 Kensington
Henry Arber Son 11 School City of London
Beatrice Arber dau 10 School City of London
Glady dau 7 Highbury
Violet dau 5 City of London
Olive dau 2 City of London
Enid dau 2 City of London

Married 12 years 7 children born 7 children living. Dwelling comprises of 3 rooms. Signed Henry N Arber

It definitely says 7 chidren living but only 6 are named on the form and I'm presuming that Glady should resd Gladys but he's missed the 's' off.

Henry N Arber 8 May 1899 Chief Inspector Metropolitan Police Force
Amy E M Arber 7 Aug 1898
Living in Hendon

Many thanks, both helpful replies.
Before retirement I am told Henry Arber was chief constable at Dartford Police Station, but not got any proof of that. I know he lived at Meopham, Kent when he died.
He wasn't a Chief Con in the Kent Police according to the list I found on Google, nor can I see anything for the Met either. Sorry to say but it may just be one of those wishful thinking family stories. The Met Police will do look ups for you but they charge to do it.

Do you have his death cert? There may be something on there re his occupation

Thanks Emeltee,
It would not be the first wishful thinking story I have come across.
I will try the Met and sending for his death certificate now.
He was a Chief Superintendant in 1939 so it's not impossible that he was the senior officer in charge of Dartford station when he retired but nothing's coming up on Google.

Death certificate ordered. I will wait till that arrives and take it from there.
Once I have that will contact the Met.

There seems to be no end of false family stories.
One person born in Scotland, was in fact born in St Pancras, London.
Person I was told came to Camden Town with the Welsh miners on a march, was born in Somers Town, London.
Person insisted he had lived all his life in one house in Camden Town (and may have believed that true) was born in a house in Somers Town. :D So now I look for proof before claiming things true and have other "facts" listed as hear/say.