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Henry Banyard to Annie?

I am looking for any information on Annie's last name. Henry was about 20 years older than her. I don't have any dates for the marriage but Annie was born about 1867...I think! Henry's was about 1844.
thanks Mary
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Hello Mary,

One very late possibility, registered July-Sept in Fulham district:

Marriages Sep 1899
Banyard Henry Fulham 1a 737
Hounsom Annie Fulham 1a 737


Hi Mary

BANYARD, Henry 56 1845 Night-Watchman Exhibition Fulham
BANYARD, Annie Wife 34 1867 Colnbrooke Middlesex
BANYARD, George 19 1882 Store-Houseman Army C Stores Camden Town London
BANYARD, Nellie 10 1891 Fulham London
BANYARD, Albert 0 (6 MOS) 1901 Fulham London
HOUNSOM, Lydia dau 10 1891 Chelsea London
FOOT, John son 7 1894 Fulham London

Piece: 67 Folio: 14 Page:19
Registration District:Fulham
Civil Parish: Fulham
Address: 17, Rectory Road, Fulham London

This one raises two questions:

What is Annie's maiden name?

How to explain FOOT?

HOUNSOM, Lydia 10 1891 Chelsea London

I'm stuck. I can't answer either of them. :)
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Births Dec 1844
BANYARD Henry Kensington 3 263

Possible parents Frederick Matthew & Elizabeth.

But where is he in 1881?

There is a Colnbrook in Buckinghamshire - then moved to Berkshire. Part of it in Stanwell in Middlesex. So it would be RD Staines if both Colnbrook and Middlesex are correct.

Is Bowden a clue?

Births Mar 1882
Banyard George Bowden Pancras 1b 29

Births Mar 1891
Hounsom Lydia Chelsea 1a 392

Births Jun 1893
Foot John George Fulham 1a 302

Births Dec 1900
Banyard Albert James Fulham 1a 277
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Marriages Sep 1879
BANYARD Henry Windsor 2c 736
Bowden Maria Windsor 2c 736

Where are they in 1881?


Deaths Mar 1897
Banyard Maria 53 St. Geo. H. Sq. 1a 301
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Hi everyone

Wow! thanks for all the info. I did see a census with the Hounsom name and I noticed that John Foot was born before Henry and Annie married so is it the her second marriage? It is Nellies (Winifred Nell Banyard) parents I am interested in so if that is the case then who is her mother? And is Hounsom Annies first married name??? So many questions. Well that sends me down a whole other track to search. Nellie is my father in laws mother and apparently they didn't ever see or get to know that side of the family. I wonder why?

Hello Mary,

At the moment I think we are all stuck.

I can't prove FOOT or HOUNSOM or any other is the maiden name because I can't find marriages or baptisms to support any choice.

One possibility would be to get a copy of a certificate from GRO. If you want to do that then we can provide details and suggest which one would be the most likely to help.