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I can't find if LW= Roman Catholic Cooma; Monara; Queanbeyan; Towfold Bay is on a SAG film or not.
Thanks I got the 4. My mother ( on my Fitzpatrick side) did say that the Fitzpatricks came from County Down. And I inherited all the paper work too. That was 28 years ago. viv
Oh. That's ok then because my email client crashed and nothing was in the sent folder and it seemed on'y the first two were sent.

HI Dave from chilly WF, I have two items to report. Firstly I found a match to the Blackall family of Oxford and trying to find the link.Secondly, I found an old letter from a cousin saying that Henry came from Liverpool England. Still working on the case.
Hi Viv,

Perhaps Ireland to Liverpool to Oxford.

Hello !
I've been working on the case but haven't had much to report. I did have a thought that the name Gregory was also a surname. But have not been able to get anywhere with this idea. I was wondering if you are a direct male descendent or if you know anyone who is ? I think that having a Ydna test might be the way to go to get some answers about Henrys origins. Regards Viv
Another thought was the name Agnes Maria. I have accounted for all the other names connected to the Connolly side. So with the Irish in the habit of naming kids after their relatives, I believe these christian names are related to the Fitzpatrick side.
Hi Viv,

No, I'm not a descendant and don't know any, sorry.

Yes, Gregory is also a surname. I can't help you re Agnes Maria.