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Henry Vaughan


Valued Member
Gold Coast
Hi, can someone help with Henry?

Marriage certificate 1858/000417 (in Australia) to Charlotte Chasmar states that his birthplace is Middlesex, England. Parents are John Vaughan (draper) and Mary Aldridge. As he was 47yrs old then his birth was in 1811.

All other family historians on the net say that they married in 1841, even though they married in registry office in 1858. Both their death certificates confirm a marriage in 1841 :confused::eek:

Death certificate 1871/000237 gives age as 60yrs, birthplace Middlesex, England and 40yrs in colonies, so he emigrated in 1831. Parents are not mentioned :( So that confirms 1811 as birth year.

I cannot find him or parents. Help :D:D

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