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Hereditary Skills passed down.


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My 1889 born great grandmother Catherine Coombs younger sisters Alice and Maude born 1894 and 1904 were both tailoresses according to their marriage certs. Alice is rumoured to have helped make dresses for the Queen, and is listed as a dressmaker aged 17 in the 1911 census.

Their mum Kate Coombs nee Roberts born 1863 was aged 17 in the 1881 census living at 9 Portpool Lane, Holborn and her sister Elizabeth was aged 13 and both of them were Tailoresses according to the census.

Their 1813 born father Thomas Roberts sister Elizabeth Roberts born 1809 was a dressmaker in the 1841 and 1851 census, as was her mother Ann Roberts born in 1777. That is 4 generations of either dressmakers or tailoresses.

Some of it was probably a bit of nurture, but if it is 4 generations, then I am sure that much of the skill was passed down and they all had that flair to become tailoresses or dressmakers. They must have had that natural talent to do such a job. My aunty born 1946 is a good dressmaker and she is Catherine Coombs granddaughter.