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Hi been a while

Not had much time recently to follow Family tree though someone recently came up with husband's relative's jail sentence. That will teach him to sneer at my family's black sheep. Turns out there are parts of his family just as disreputable as mine. Ain't genealogy fun?

New Local research is of local 13th century farm which in 1960s was bought up by the council to build an housing estate but the farmhouse survives. Its called Herdings and is in a place called Gleadless in Sheffield but in Victorian times was in Norton in Derbyshire.

So trying to research first the recent history and hit a wall as the local paper only describes the farmer as EW Marsh so don't even know his first name. Last Farmer I know before him was someone called Staniforth in 1857 so kind of a large gap. Any ideas how I find who he was and how long his family lived there. Apparently they had no electricity or plumbing in the house so doubt they had a phone either.

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