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hi everybody


hi i am living in blackwood.gwent married to sue off work through ill health at present tracing family tree to keep my self busy. grateful for the help i have recieved from kind members.:D
Hello, and welcome to the F.H.U.K forums.
You will find all our members very friendly
And helpful here and only to happy to help you
Wherever they can. All you need to do is,
Post your questions, along with any information you do have, on the appropriate forums, and our members will do their best to help you.
We at F.H.U.K wish you every success in your research into your ancestoral past, and we hope you enjoy your time on the F.H.U.K forums
Best regards Sterico
Hi Dave,
Welcome to the Forum. This is such a friendly helpful place & I"m sure you will get a lot of help & advice if you need it.
Hope your health improves soon, in the meantime Welcome once again and:
Happy Hunting
Best Wishes Littlemo
Hi Dave

I have already been helping you with your tree so I thought that I would add a warm welcome to you to these forums anyway.