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Hi everyone



I'm new here. Although I've been researching family history for over ten years on and off, it's the first time I've come across this site. Mind you, I haven't really been looking! I've been restricting myself to GenesReunited, Ancestry, Free BMD etc. Although I now live in Kent, I was born and raised in Gloucester, and it's from the south west of the country that most of my branches seem to have sprung.

My son has fairly recently taken an active interest, and he, through a great deal of internet research, has managed to take one branch in my mother's line back to a brother of William the Conqueror! Oh yes, you're in exalted company here!

For the most part we're back to the late 18th Century, but with little time or opportunity to treck the countryside in the quest of parish records, unless it's online we're stumped.

I do hope we can be of mutual help to some of you.
Hello aglab welcome to the FHUK family your highness:biggrin:
you will find us a friendly and helpful group, and I am sure your expertese will come in handy, if you have any unanswered questions yourself just post them in the appropriate forum with all the information you do have and we will see if we can get the answers for you. The group have helped me on many occasions and I would be lost without them. We hope you enjoy our site and again welcome to the group. best regards stericoO0