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hi everyone

hello, thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself here before i get stuck in!
my name is jon attwood and I was born in rainham, kent. I have been researching my family history for a couple of years now and have got back to the 1500s on some branches, aided by my father and grandmothers research.
there are loads of names on my tree, but the main ones I am researching are Attwood, Sym, Hales, Cheeseman, Dyer, Collins, and Fowler, apart from the Dyers who seem to have come from gloucestershire and Norfolk all of the families were based in the Kent, Surrey and London areas.
If there is anyone else on here researching these names then perhaps we could compare notes sometime?
Hi Jon

Your post is from a while ago, but I'm a new member and came across a link to the surname Hales, which I've found out a bit about.

My grandfathers mother was a Hales (Lily), born in Lambeth in 1886. Her father was Charles Thomas Hales, born 1862 Battersea.

Haven't gone any further back than that yet - any connections likely?
Hello Jon.

I see one of the names you are researching is Attwood.

Although Watling is one of mine, there is a Harold Attwood married,Millicent Watling ( born,1899,Lewisham ) in 1921.

Harold was in the NZ army ( WW1 campaign),we are guessing that,Millicent met Harold while he served in England,followed him out to NZ,1920.

Along shot,but,is there a connection?

Dear Jon andwelcome

I noticed that you have a Collins branch in Kent. In the very rare hope that you might be on the same line
I have a Mary Ann Collins Hall = George William Gill 1849 Gillingham. Kent.
Her father was John Collins a Shipwright and lived at ? New Brampton.
One of yours ever hopeful ?
thanks for those possible links everyone, they are all in the right areas at the right times, but I can't seem to link them into my tree at the moment, the Harold Attwood connection was particularly promising, as the first born sons on the Attwood line have alternated between being called Harold or Walter for several generations, but I still can't find if or how these people fit in to my research at the moment. Perhaps if some siblings of the people could be identified it would help fit them in?
Flossie, have you seen the hales family history site? http://www.hales.org/ , might be a good place to research your ancestor (though don't believe everything you read on there, some of the links to ancient kings and biblical characters are completely unproveable)

I'm still researching, and hoping to find a link, will let you all know if any new information cones up


I'm Alice and like everyone here, addicted to family history. I've only been researching for about three years, so I'm still a baby in the field. OH's family too has been under scrutiny and I've managed quite well, despite the usual sprinkling of 'Jones's and a few Irish ancestors who still give me grief :rolleyes: !

Our tribes are quite well scattered, from Passe and Burley in Glamorgan, (previously from Devon and the Channel Isles), Knagg and Bourn in Lancashire, Bradbury, Poole and Lear in Stoke on Trent and Rice and Jones in Liverpool. So, my meanderings take me far and wide.

I find it such an addictive and rewarding hobby - OH is used to the loud groans / yells of delight from this end of the room, but I think he's a closet fan of genealogy really :biggrin: .

So, if I can make contact through any of the above names, I'd be a happy bunny!

Hi Jon

I wasn't going to come and visit the site tonight but I hadn't been on for a while so I thought I'd have a quick peek, so glad I did. Are you connected to Ellen Cheeseman she married Thomas Ost 1893. The other name is Abigail Simms (Syms) she married Job Ost 1755 I think these were in the Sheerness area. I need to check with someone and I've put her new address in a safe place. It will turn up! Have you tried Kent online parish clerk?