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Hi Everyone

I have now been searching for relatives for the past 20 years, and don't believe I can go any further. Unfortunately, some cousins just weren't interested and never replied to my letters for information about their own family. It's very annoying, but I still can't say "Stop, that's enough". I still have to "just have a quick look", surf or whatever, just in case!!

While researching I found "Madge" (2nd cousin 5x removed or something similar) who had loads of information that I could add to mine. Between us we have information from 1620 to the present day. What really astonished me, was the proliferation of the females - 12/16 children was no problem (I say "no problem", but it probably was); they were pregnant once a year. It's a great lesson in social history. In parallel I have written a list of historical events, i.e. 1620 Pilgrim Fathers, etc., and pictures of what they would have worn through the centuries and decades.

I had hoped to unearth a prince, a duke or two, or at least one quite well-off aunt (still alive, of course), but NO, my lot were cowherdsmen, farm labourers, thatchers, domestic servants etc. The most auspicious, until the last two generations, were a policeman and an innkeeper.

The areas most of my relatives hail from are on my Dad's side: Cambridge-shire, Suffolk, Sussex. The main names are NIXON, MALLION (Caleb and Newton Mallion emigrated to NY on the City of Chester in July 1889), WAYMAN. On my Mum's side: Ireland, Bethnal Green (now Tower Hamlets), Ipswich: DOUGHTY, IXER.

Today (14.1.09), was one of those "just have a quick look" days, and I found a relative, Private Alfred Walter Wayman, DCM, who died aged 21 at Ypres. You probably all have the same problem: where do you stop looking into the extended families?

Could go on yacking all night, but I don't want to make you suicidal!! Take care and good hunting (hopefully cost-free; it does get bloomin' expensive, doesn't it).


PS. How do you insert one of those smiley thingies?

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