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Hi everyone

I'm new to all of this, so really don't know where to start, I'd really like to research my family history, I had a great uncle who allegedly traced our family origins right back to the french revolution, but he has died and his wife got rid of all of his research before anyone else in the family got a chance to get it, I've grown up with what i suspect to be a very embellished and romanticized account of our family history and now I'm really interested in finding out how much of it is actually true.

So i would really appreciate any help on the matter or even just a nudge in the right direction.

Thanks Lee.:cool:
madison, New York
Hi Leeroy and welcome ,

You could try by letting us know what you are looking for, start with one person and give their name, approximate date of birth, where they were born, country and county or state if you know that and we will gladly help where we can. Joyce:2fun:

Lynne Ryan

Well-known member
Cungulla via TOWNSVILLE
Hi Lee welcome .
you will find everyone here very good and so much help in time of knocking down brick walls you come up against..This is how i started it maybe of help...i got a note pad and started with myself and went ,backwards to mum and dad and wrote eerything down..:)
their age,marriage and so forth ,then i moved on to next one so forth,in no time you have a list as long as your arm ,its surprising how quickly it grows to start your tree.i also bought a set of ledgers,and started to fill with all my data and info..and photo graphs,
Ask faily friends of family etc etc ,the local libruary is a good place they have lots of books and lists of people...
check out your local councils,and councils that you know where your family have resided,,your cemetary,i go quite often to them with queries and found they custodian very helpful looking up records.and my church is also great..when i get stuck i always head there with pad and pencil.we have a great family history place matybe you have one near you..and this site is fantastic for those brickwall s that need tumbling down ,
Some one is always handy to come thru with some data...
>:D i also have found online that most councils have lists of graves and numbers ..and names..
so good luck and nice to have you here..cheers Lynne:kissu:


Loyal Member
Hello, and welcome to the F.H.U.K forums.
You will find all our members very friendly
And helpful here and only to happy to help you
Wherever they can. All you need to do is,
Post your questions, along with any information you do have, on the appropriate forums, and our members will do their best to help you.
We at F.H.U.K wish you every success in your research into your ancestoral past, and we hope you enjoy your time on the F.H.U.K forums
Best regards Sterico

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