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hi from a newbie


Melton Mowbray
hi just a quick line to see how this all works ... i'm looking for any related coggins family in bristol area especially temple area etc.....
Welcome to the F.H.U.K research forums,
We hope you have success in your research and please do not hesitate in asking us for help, all you need to do is select the appropriate forum, and post your question/s, with as much relevant information that you have in your possession, then our members will endeavour to find, or at least point you in the right direction of those answers.
You will find all our members helpful and very friendly and only to willing to help.
Best regards Sterico .
welcome to one of the best sites for help

Every one is willing to help you. Please post your questions in the right forum heading and then we all know where we are.

Good luck with your research
I have plenty of Coggins but I don't know if they will match with yours. Mine tended to end up in the Old Market area. They came into Bristol through St George from Brislington. You could look them up on Jeff Knagg's site on the Coggins family.