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Hi from Delaware

Wilmington, Delaware
Hi, I'm Sally. I live in Wilmington Delaware, just south of Philadelphia in the United States. I've been working on my tree for about 4 or 5 months. I started with my Mother's family. Her father came here from England and we really don't know anything about the family since he has passed away when my Mother was 16. Other then he came from Derbyshire and the family name Taft.

I have been able to get his mother's family back to the year 1530. And his fathers family back to about 1650. I'm stuck the 1650, the materal side name is Scahyarde, and I don't see anything on this name anywhere. Even an internet search to see what the origins may be.

It's also said that the family is related to a previous President of the US, Taft, and my origional goal was to see if there was indeed a connection. Now I'm just having fun.

In researching my Maternal family, I've discovered my Paternal family name everywhere. Bramble and Turner. So when I get to my Dad's tree, I'm hoping to find the connection from the US back to the UK. I've also read that a Turner came over on the Mayflower. WOW!! I'd love to find a connection there. :biggrin:

Most of the information I've been able to obtain, was really with a lot of luck! I've come across a couple of trees that matched mine, and I was able to follow their tree. I've also had alot of help from 2 other researchers, also looking for the name Taft and they have helped me find my way around FamilySearch.org and TheGenealogist.

I'm hoping I may find some missing links by visiting the forums.