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Hi, I'm new here.


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I have been asked not to be shy and to give a brief introduction so here goes....
I live in Bradford West Yorkshire with my husband, Kevin. We have two grown up children Katy and Rhys and Katy has a duaghter, our first grandchild Ava-May. Kevin and I are in our late 50's.
I have just decided that I would like to fill in some of the blanks in our family history from both Kevin's and my own side of the family. I would like to find out as much as I can for the future generation. I only know that Kevin's family are from Bradford and have no idea if they are from further afield or not. My family are from York, London, Sunderland. I would like to get as far as I can without subscribing to one of the sites in the first instance. I think I will have to pay to do a more complex search, eventually.
Hope this is the type of introduction that you wanted.

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